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TRI Founder Dr. A. Thomas McLellan Receives Lifetime Science Award

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, Dr. A. Thomas McLellan, TRI Founder and Board Chair, was presented with the first jointly sponsored NIAAANIDA Lifetime Science Award. As part of the Joint CRAN Advisory Council Meeting, the award was presented by Dr. George Koob, NIAAA Director, and Dr. Nora Volkow, NIDA Director, in recognition of Dr. McLellan’s contribution to the field of alcohol and drug research. Dr. McLellan received a standing ovation from the Council and his peers – a heartfelt recognition of his innovative approach and sustaining impact on the way we view and treat substance use disorders in our country. Dr. Volkow went on to explain her top picks from a list of many notable contributions Dr. McLellan has made to the field. She noted his ability to accurately identify a complex problem and break down the necessary components to advance solutions; identified his work to distinguish a continuum of intervention and treatment needs for patients; and touted his efforts to develop a means to evaluate treatment, elevate quality and create a clear road map for parents to better navigate the treatment system on behalf of their children. Congratulations to Dr. McLellan.

Read more about the award through the National Institute on Drug Abuse.