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Outcomes Monitoring

For programs wishing to implement outcomes monitoring systems to improve their performance and justify their effectiveness, TRI recommends the adoption of its Concurrent Recovery Monitoring (CRM) system – RecoveryTrack™.  As drug and alcohol dependence has become increasingly understood as a chronically relapsing medical condition (like diabetes or hypertension), experts have been advocating for treatment strategies and outcomes monitoring procedures that resemble medical models, where client progress is continually monitored using standardized during-treatment assessments, to adapt and individualize treatment as necessary.  TRI developed RecoveryTrack to allow for the implementation of CRM, using a brief set of items, clinical and administrative procedures and reporting mechanisms that are easy to adopt, have clear clinical value, as well as serve administrative and management needs.  Comprehensive technical and clinical training is included with purchase of RecoveryTrack.

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For programs wishing to employ traditional outcomes measurement, TRI can provide training on the implementation of the ASI for this purpose. This training, a supplement to our standard two-day training on the clinical administration of the ASI, can be delivered either on-site or via webinar. Discussion focuses on the administration of the ASI at “baseline” or upon entry to a program, as well as at a predetermined “follow-up” point.  Agenda items include:

  • Discussion of data collection options (paper-and-pencil version or automated system, e.g. DENS ASI® software),
  • Training on administration and coding of Follow-up ASI items,
  • Suggestions for successful follow-up completion, and
  • Telephone and in-person follow-up administration points.

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Contact Meghan Love at or toll-free at 1-866-453-9262 to discuss your interest in outcomes monitoring and how TRI can best assist you.