For Families

In 2005, TRI began a collaboration with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (formerly the Partnership at to create science-informed helping tools for parents struggling to protect children from the dangers of alcohol and drugs. That collaboration partially formed the basis for the Parents Translational Research Center, funded in 2010 by NIDA and one of the first translational research centers of its kind devoted to research and development of practical tools for parents and other caregivers confronting issues of drug or alcohol use in their teenagers.

The Parents Translational Research Center has released several research-based tools for parents:

  • The Family Resource Center is the capstone project of the PTRC and serves as a directory of those resources that are backed by various degrees of scientific support to those that come from the most notable, national sources – including all of the resources that follow. Find the resources noted below and many more in this highly curated directory.
  • Parent CRAFT via Cadence Online is a research-supported online course that teaches parents how to effectively interact with their children in order to change drug and alcohol behavior. This unique program was developed in collaboration with Dr. Robert Meyers and The Cadence Online Company.
  • The Support Group Project provides support groups the opportunity to register their programs – building together a strong community of support that lets parents and families sort through local programs in their area to find one that most fits their needs.
  • Questions to Ask Treatment Providers is a comprehensive workbook that helps parents find the right help for their teen or young adult who is struggling with drugs or alcohol.
  • Underage Drinking in the Home: An interactive online resource for parents and caregivers to help inform them of the legal liabilities of serving alcohol to teens.  It is available at
  • Six Components of Effective Parenting: This booklet provides an engaging discussion of six parenting practices that can help reduce the chances a child will develop a drug or alcohol problem.  It is available in English and Spanish.
  • The Law & Ethics Research Division has conducted research on dangers on the internet, including pro-use and no-prescription-needed websites.  To educate parents further about these sites, TRI developed WebSafe™, a highly informative training to increase awareness and educate parents, so they can prevent their children from encountering some of the dangers on the world wide web.

TRI also outlines the current state of our adolescent substance abuse treatment system with the hopes of laying the framework for what needs to be done, and how we can come together as a community to address this growing crisis. Paving the Way to Change: Advancing Quality Interventions for Adolescents Who Use, Abuse or Who are Dependent Upon Alcohol or Other Drugs provides a new opportunity and a clearer lens for viewing, and ultimately treating adolescents, as well as an approach to financing the system.

Find additional resources in the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids online community and find more treatment and intervention support here.