Medication assisted treatment education for counselors and patients

Assisting patients and counselors engage in shared decision making is one goal of TRI's behavioral health counselor-friendly curriculum. This new four-graphic novel series was developed in response to positive feedback from a previously conducted large clinical trial – that offered self-guided prevention and intervention methods for patients who could benefit and improve co-occurring health conditions by reducing their substance use or quitting all together. The new curriculum is embedded with educational exercises designed to help substance use disorder (SUD) counselors talk with patients early in the treatment process about their choices concerning medication for substance use disorders. Each graphic novel incorporates information about how the different available Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT) (e.g. Vivitrol, Buprenorphine) can potentially be integrated into patient alcohol, opioid or drug dependency care. The illustrated guides are designed to be solutions-focused and encourage patient engagement through relatable character scenarios. As we continue to embrace the effectiveness of incorporating MAT into a comprehensive approach to ongoing SUD care, educated conversations between patients and providers are vitally important.