Support Treatment Systems

Through state-of-the-science research, the Treatment Research Institute is dedicated to quality-improving innovation in the treatment of substance use disorders.

Within the overall framework that addiction to alcohol or other drugs is a chronic condition best treated through a continuum of linked, adaptive care, including aftercare and recovery support, TRI evaluates the most promising evidence-based interventions and introduces the findings to program directors and clinicians through research papers, in electronic format, or by other maximally useful means.

Much of TRI’s treatment related research is conducted in the Center on the Continuum of Care: Monitoring and Adapting Addiction Treatment, where adaptive chronic care models are evaluated for real-world application and other models are studied and adapted. Contingency management techniques and other behavioral strategies are evaluated in the Section on Behavioral Treatments and Applications. For substance abusing offenders, adaptive models linking judges and other criminal justice officials with treatment counselors are investigated in the Section on Law & Ethics.

The Solutions Group translates research findings into practical, cost-effective tools helping clinicians, judges and other practitioners. Here and elsewhere at TRI, use of technology as a time-saving device to promote clinical quality is a priority.