Criminal Justice

Scientists in the Law and Ethics Research Section have consulted with problem-solving courts across the nation, helping criminal justice systems:

  • Match drug-involved offenders to the appropriate level of accountability and community-based treatment based upon their risk-need profile using RANT
  • Adaptively manage clients and evaluate their programs using easy-to-implement TRI-CEP (TRI Client Evaluation Program)
  • Implement confidential, client self-report program assessment using the TRI- Client Assessment survey

Our team is available to conduct comprehensive Program Evaluations for courts, as well as to provide key recommendations on improving systems coordination while reducing administrative burdens.  TRI staff work closely with court staff to design process and outcome evaluations grounded in science to meet your specific needs, and those of your funders.

Contact Meghan Love at or toll-free at 1-866-453-9262 to discuss our consultation programs and services.