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Founded by the same researchers who developed the Addiction Severity Index, the Treatment Research Institute is an independent, nonprofit research and development organization dedicated to science-driven reform of treatment and policy in substance use.

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Family Resource Center Now Available

Parents and caring loved ones now have access to a central hub of resources that are backed by various degrees of scientific support to those that come from the most notable, national sources. Families can now find resources to prevent drug or alcohol use, intervene early, find treatment and support adolescents and young adults in addiction recovery all in one place. Learn more.


FREE Training Program for Parents

We are conducting a research study, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, that offers free training programs for parents who are concerned about their 18-25 year old who is using drugs or alcohol. If you are a parent, guardian or caretaker of a young adult who is using substances and is not willing to get help, you may be eligible. Learn more here.

News Headlines

A New Way to View, Treat and Prevent Adolescent Drug, Alcohol Use

While the number of teenagers experimenting with alcohol or other drugs has stabilized, the number of high school students who smoke marijuana daily, who binge drink and who get drunk is unacceptably high. In fact, for the first time, daily marijuana use exceeds daily tobacco cigarette use among 12th-graders, and the perception of marijuana use…
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The opioid epidemic—from the headlines to hope

The news can sound dire. Opioid addiction is ruining families and taking lives at an ever increasing rate. In this round-table discussion, Dr. Gottlieb brings together a clinician, researcher, family members and individuals in recovery to go beyond the headlines and look at what is working to bring addicts into treatment. They discuss some interventions…
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Scientists Say They Can Make A Vaccine Against Heroin. It’s An Uphill Battle

Researchers in California have successfully tested a heroin vaccine on monkeys and have shown vaccines against fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone to be viable in rodents. Another team in Maryland has successfully tested a heroin vaccine on rodents. With proper funding, both groups say, they could get their vaccines into human trials within two years. TRI’s…
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