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Founded by the same researchers who developed the Addiction Severity Index, the Treatment Research Institute is an independent, nonprofit research and development organization dedicated to science-driven reform of treatment and policy in substance use.

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Paving the Way to Change

Paving the Way to Change: Advancing Quality Interventions for Adolescents Who Use, Abuse or Who are Dependent Upon Alcohol or Other Drugs, provides insight into the individual, societal and financial consequences of adolescent alcohol, drug use and other substance use disorders. It provides an overview of the current treatment system and an explanation of why it’s failing our kids. It provides a new opportunity and a clearer lens for viewing and ultimately treating adolescents, as well as how to approach financing the system.

Paving the Way to Change outlines the challenges that our field and our community must address to quell the tide of adolescent substance abuse in this country. The changes that are needed will not be simple. They will not be quick. They will require coordinated and effective advocacy efforts. But they will be worth it. Please check out this report and share it with your friends and colleagues. The role of your advocacy is critical and it can drive needed change.

Download a copy of the report.

Check out Dr. Kathy Meyers’ blog about the importance of this report.

Please tell us what you think. Please share this with your colleagues. Please prioritize collaboration. Together, we can shape the future of adolescent substance abuse prevention and treatment. Join our efforts.

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Patrick Kennedy: Legalizing pot endangers children

We’ve all been learning about the cost of not caring about mental illness. The human and financial toll of our nation’s neglect toward the mentally ill is staggering. And directly related to that neglect is the cost of not caring about a growing public health problem: marijuana use. There has been a lot of talk…
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From Promise to Reality: Substance Use Disorders and the ACA

In February 2013, the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation issued a press release extolling the virtues of the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of substance use disorder benefits. HHS found it hard to hide its excitement, touting that the ACA beginning in 2014 would foster “one of the largest expansions of…
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Commentary: Parity and the Path to Change the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Recent legislative changes in the healthcare organization and financing through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Parity Act will end the past 40 years of separate and unequal resources for the treatment of substance use disorders. This legislation, combined with new knowledge from basic, clinical and health services research over the past two decades,…
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