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Founded by the same researchers who developed the Addiction Severity Index, the Treatment Research Institute is an independent, nonprofit research and development organization dedicated to science-driven reform of treatment and policy in substance use.

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Register your support group. Help connect families. 

The Support Group Project is an online directory of support groups for families struggling with a loved one’s addiction.  Approximately 2/3 of all families are impacted by addiction, yet too often, these families feel alone, isolated and stigmatized as they struggle with the effects of this devastating disease.  Help us connect them – help us create a community of support across the country.

If you host a group that provides support for parents or loved ones of children who are dealing with a substance use issue, please consider joining The Support Group Project. Registering your group is free, easy and only requires minimal updating. Families deserve to find support in their local communities – you will be helping families in your community find that place of comfort they need during this difficult time. Learn more about the Support Group Project. 

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How Not to Relapse, with Insight from Tom McLellan, PhD

This article explores addiction and how experts, including Tom McLellan, PhD, co-founder of TRI, Chairman of the Board of Directors, think that it should be handled like a chronic medical condition, with comprehensive, long-term treatment that includes not just medication, but also lifestyle changes and ongoing monitoring. Dr. McLellan warns that “the chronic-illness angle isn’t…
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A Message from TRI: Simply Grateful

Dear friends, We have enthusiastically embarked on 2015 and are confident that this is going to be a pivotal year for the field. Consider this: science now proves that addiction can be successfully prevented and treated; public law now demands that behavioral health care coverage be equal to medical and surgical coverage; and the majority…
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